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My Mudras Book

Yes, I’ve written a book about mudras. Titled Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress, it explains 24 mudras to relieve stress, enable focus, and clarify your mind.

Its major sections are:

  • Getting Started—General information about using mudras. How to get started. Finding time for mudras. Some historical background.
  • Using Individual Mudras—The 24 mudras grouped in 6 categories using the Mudra Wheel.
  • Identifying What You Are Feeling—Types of feelings and how to recognize them. How to tell whether your feeling has a physical or an emotional origin.
  • Combining Mudras to Solve Issues—Step-by-step techniques. Sample worksheets.
  • Enhancing the Power of Mudras
  • Other resources

“I just had my first ever root canal so I was pretty tense. As I was lying in the chair, I thought I should do one of the mudras. The only one I could remember exactly was ‘reduce stress.’ I really think it made a difference. I was very relaxed. I’m interested to try a few more of them.”

A parent educator and mother of three

Mudras was published by Parenting Press, which has an online media kit for the book with feature stories that newspapers and newsletters can reprint. The media kit leads to the Parenting Press shopping cart for ordering the book.

Mudra Pocket Cards

Based on my book, these carefully-illustrated cards serve as a step-by-step guide that can be used by all of us, adults and children, wherever we are: behind the wheel, behind the desk, at the kitchen counter or on a walk. Each is business-card size, easy to slip into a pocket or tape to a computer screen, and offers both an illustration and the how-to’s for a mudra. Quick to learn, a mudra can relieve tension in as little as five minutes. They can be ordered through Parenting Press.

Last updated March 26, 2018