Inner PeaceMassage & Mudras

Mudras — Introduction

“Mudras have greatly increased my awareness of what is happing in my body. For example, if I know that I need to let go of a problem — thinking does not help me at all. However, if I do the mudra for letting go, that actually helps me release the problem. The physical action of doing the mudra somehow helps me to emotionally free myself. Mudras are an action allowing the emotional to be processed physically.”

One woman’s reflection on using mudras.

What are mudras?

Mudras are finger positions, or gestures people can use to change the way they feel. Mudras are also used for religious and health purposes, but I focus on mudras that affect emotions.

The word “mudra” means “to seal.” You are sealing your intent to change the way you feel with a mudra.

Can I really change how I feel using finger positions?

Yes! I do it myself, and I’ve taught others to do it too. I’ve also met a people who already do a hand position to help themselves, but nobody ever taught them to do it.

Mudras help people develop an awareness of what is happening within your bodies. However, if you are not willing to take ownership of your feelings, mudras will not help you.

How were mudras discovered?

No one knows for sure. Many people believe they originally developed out of natural gestures. For example, think of when you wave goodby. That hand movement eases the sadness of letting go. We teach young children to wave bye-bye when someone they love leaves.

Mudras are very ancient — pictures of Mudras can be found on the walls of Egyptian ruins. They are found on statues from India and other eastern countries going back to at least the ninth century. They can be found in medieval pictures of Christ.

Mudras are also modern. Sometimes while I’m teaching a mudra someone will say, “This feels so familiar, like I’ve done it before. . . . Oh yes! I do this when I’m studying for a test!” Or, “I do this when I’m feeling under pressure! I do it because then I feel better!”

Last updated October 23, 2006