Inner PeaceMassage & Mudras

Massage — What to expect

What happens when I come in for a massage?

If you arrive before your appointment time, you may have a cup of tea in my private waiting area. You can look outside the window at a beautiful old tree, or pick up a magazine or book about massage.

I will ask you why you have come and some questions about your physical health. Then you will go into the massage room yourself, undress to your level of comfort, get on the massage table, cover yourself, and tell me that you are ready. I will ask your preference for lotion, music, candles and temperature.

I will start either on your back or your feet. What I do depends both on what you have told me, and what your body tells me. If I am using too much pressure, you need to tell me. If you want to talk, that’s fine. If you prefer quiet, that’s what you will have. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, you need to tell me. This time is your time. It’s about you.

My hands naturally heat up when I work on people, and sometimes I use the heat of my hands to relax tissue. If a person feels depleted when they come, usually by the end of the massage they feel much better. I also do light, gentle strokes all the way off the body, because they relieve tension. I have specific techniques for the relief of headaches and grief.

I create a supportive natural environment which helps many people relax and prepares them to enjoy the massage.

Teas, for before or after your massage, include: blackberry-sage, ginger-peach, lavender, green tea, plus many herbals.

Lotions either have essential oils such as sage, or are organic such as ginger grapefruit, ylang-ylang, lavender, green tea & lime.

Music includes: ocean waves, birdsongs, flute, guitar, & harp.

Coverings are natural. Rugs are wool. Linens are 100% cotton or a cotton & linen mix.

Last updated May 04, 2008